Friday, July 10, 2009

Jawab Tag Ellyn (2)

Tagging game : answer the question honestly and post the result into your blog. Tagged 6 friends of yours.

1.Your view on yourself.
i'm a bright shining star in the sky

2.The type of boyfriend you are looking for.
Just like Dr Tuah

3.Your readiness to commit to a relationship
i'm already in a relationship, very complicated!

4.The seriousness of your love.
hmm..very serious

5.Your views on education.
Very important

6.The right job for you.
Anything to do with people and money!

7.How do you view success.
Very subjective....

8.What are you most afraid of.

9.Who is your true self.
I, me and myself....a bright shining star!

Pas tu, tag pada Kak Nik, Kak Chik, Cik Lee, Cik Sue...

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